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Robust Email Security Systems, SpamExperts

In recent years, growing regulations related to email, as well as the surge of spam and related threats, make robust email security systems a necessity for any web host. Using professional solutions to protect your business from spam and virus attacks is the smartest way to stay safe in today’s challenging and constantly changing malware threat environment.

SpamExperts dedicated mail servers help websites load quickly. Being able to separate mail filtering from servers onto a separate system has allowed this to happen. SpamExperts is simple to use, and configure. Customers can adjust settings for sensitivity, by simply dragging a slider. It keeps it simple, and is designed for everybody to filter easily and have minimal false positives.

SpamExperts provides cleaner mail, makes it easier for the customers to look after their mail, and gives them the control that they need as well.

Email facts you need to know!

Incoming Mail

Incoming Email Filtering

Help eliminate Spam & Viruses from email before they ever reach your network.

Outgoing Mail

Outgoing Email Filtering

Prevent IP Blacklisting. Stop Spam & Viruses from leaving your network.

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Threats are quarantined and clean email is sent to the destination mail server.

Email Security in the Cloud for your Business!

Incoming Filtering

The incoming filtering solution protects our network from spam, viruses and malware attacks. It also adds redundancy and continuity to the email delivery process. With SpamExperts, we secure our incoming email through the redundant private Local Cloud on our own hardware where we can scale up resources any time we need, replacing typical black-box appliances and reducing mail-server load.

Outgoing Filtering

The outgoing filtering solution stops spam and viruses from being sent out of our network, securing our IT reputation. A fully managed outgoing email filtering system is deployed on our private Local Cloud, on our own hardware. We can protect our IP-ranges from being blacklisted, automatically lock-down hacked accounts, block spam and notify admins of suspicious activity.

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Emails are securely analyzed and scanned by the fully redundant SpamExperts cloud in real time. Threats are quarantined and clean email is sent to the destination mail server.

Clients remain in full-control through the multi-tenant, multi-lingual, user-friendly SpamPanel control-panel. Plus by using SpamExperts, email continuity is optimised too.

Served from within in our Australian data centre, offering speed and performance with low latency (ping) times which provides efficient sending and receiving of mail packets. Our NOC makes sure that the bandwidth is allocated and there are no outages or DDoS attacks, or any threat that may cause the SpamExperts professional mail service any issues.

SpamExperts also integrates with cPanel, and every hosting customer gets it for free with their plan. When they log into the cPanel, it’s just one click away, so no additional passwords are needed.

Benifits of Web Hosting Services with Edge Central.

  • Intuitive web based client management Control Panel
  • Australian based Data Centre
  • Premium Technical Support, located here in Sydney Australia
  • CloudLinux on all our Xeon Servers
  • Manage your DNS records on our globally distributed and highly redundant DNS infrastructure
  • Easy-to-use bulk domain tools to help you Register, Renew, Transfer and make other changes to several Domain Names in a single step

30 Day Money Back Guarantee, on all Web Hosting and Reseller Accounts.


Will i get a personal account manager?

– Yes, all new customers both large and small have a personal account manager, to help get everything up and running.

Where are your servers located?

– Our servers are located in Australia, within the Sydney CBD.

Why register Domain Names?

– A website is like shop front, and like every shop front you need an address to tell visitors where to go. It’s that simple!

How long do Domain Names take to register?

– Registering a new Domain name is almost instant, if you’re transferring a domain name it usually takes up to 72 hours to complete.

What Domain Name is best for me?

– It is best to keep close to your trading or company name, small variations can also be acceptable too. If it’s a commercial business, domains are the most popular here in Australia.

How long does it take for my account to be setup after signing up?

– Your new Web Hosting account is usually set up within the hour, during normal operating hours. If you order you account out of these hours our provisioning team will set up your account first thing when they return during our business hours.

Why would i transfer my Domain Name?

– If you’re already a customer it makes managing your online presence easier, since all of your hosting and domains will be with us.

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